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  1. AC55TS

    Fast silicon probe with visible apex tip for fast imaging.
    Only on AFMs with small laser spot such as Cypher.
    f = 1600 kHz   |   k = 85 N/m   |   tip coating: none

    Starting at: $325.00

  2. Arrow UHFAuD

    Silicon probe with visible tip apex and Au reflex coating for high speed imaging.
    f = 2000 kHz   |   tip coating: none

    Starting at: $660.00

  3. AC240TSA-R3

    OLTESPA with Au reflective coating; medium soft cantilever for topography and viscoelasticity of soft samples.
    f = 70 kHz   |   k = 2 N/m   |   tip coating: none

    Starting at: $410.00

    In Stock

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3 Item(s)