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Quick Overview

Platinum coated silicon probes for electrical characterization in contact mode.

f = 13 kHz   |   k = 0.2 N/m   |   tip coating: Cr/Pt

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Econo-SCM-PIC (10 Pack)
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Econo Board™ AFM Probes

SurfRider TM AFM probes are a new line of probes sold exclusively by Oxford Instruments.
The Econo Board series in this line are the most economical. With quality rivaling more expensive premium probes, they’re a good choice for almost all routine AFM measurements, but inexpensive enough to use for training and educational use.
An occasional “wipeout” won’t break your budget!

Econo-SCM-PIC is conductive probes for electrical characterization. Platinum-Iridium (Pt-Ir) coating on the front side of the cantilever provides a metallic electrical path from the cantilever die to the apex of the tip. This probe is a great choice for electrical characterization applications such as conductivity (CAFM), surface potential (Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy, KPFM), electrostatic (Electrical Force Microscopy, EFM), piezoelectric (Piezoresponse Force Microscopy PFM), and capacitance (Scanning Capacitance Microscopy ,SCM). Straight cantilevers and enhanced laser reflectivity are achieved through Pt-Ir backside coating which balances the stress due to the front side coating.

This probe provides:

  • High performance measurement with extended tip lifetime.
  • Highly sensitive nanoelectrical measurements by highly conductive platinum coating.

    Why Choose Econo Board Probes for Your Routine Imaging?
  • Economical to make your research budget go farther
  • Best-in-class performance and consistency helps you get better results
  • Available in commonly used styles to support most AFM imaging modes
  • Compatible with blueDrive™, GetReal™, and GetStarted™ for simpler operation
  • The industry’s best customer support will help you select the optimal probe type
  • Minimized squeeze film damping resulted from taller tip

    Fewer artifacts: Econo Board Probes feature tips that are rotated 180° with respect to the cantilever axis, compared to industry standard probes. This ensures that the tip side angle is symmetric relative to the sample in both scan directions, which reduces image artifacts, especially for tall features.

    Cantilever Specifications
    Spring k (N/m 0.2 (0.7-0.4)
    Freq (kHz) 13 (9-17)
    Length (µm) 450 (440-460)
    Width (µm) 50 (45-55)
    Thickness (µm) 2 (1-3)
    Shape rectangular
    Material Silicon
    Reflex Coating (nm) Pt (25)

    Tip Specifications
    Tip radius (nm) <25 nm
    Tip height (µm) 17 (15-19)
    Front angle (°) 15 ± 2º
    Back angle (°) 25 ± 2 º
    Side angle (°) 17.5 ± 2 º
    Tip shape 4-sided
    Tip material Silicon
    Tip coating (nm) Cr/Pt (5/25)

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    Additional Information

    Tip Radius 25
    Tip Radius > 20 nm
    Spring Constant 0.2
    Frequency 13
    Compatibility blueDrive, GetReal \ GetStarted
    Manufacturer Asylum Research

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