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Quick Overview

Silicon probe with visible tip apex for contact mode.

f = 15 kHz   |   k = 0.2 N/m   |   tip coating: none
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ATEC-CONT (50 Pack)
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Advanced Tip at the End of the Cantilever™ Contact Mode

NANOSENSORS™ AdvancedTEC™ Cont AFM probes are designed for contact mode imaging. They feature a tetrahedral tip that protrudes from the very end of the cantilever. This feature makes them the premium choice for all applications where the tip has to be placed exactly on the point of interest and/or has to be visible (e.g. Nanomanipulation). Due to their very small half cone angles the tips of the AdvancedTEC™ Series show great performance on samples that have a small pattern size combined with steep sample features.

The probe offers unique features:
  • real tip visibility from top
  • typical tip radius of curvature better than 10 nm
  • tip height 15 - 20 µm
  • monolithic silicon
  • highly doped silicon to dissipate static charge
  • chemically inert
  • high mechanical Q-factor for high sensitivity

    Cantilever Specifications
    Spring k (N/m 0.2 (0.02 - 0.75)
    Freq (kHz) 15 (7 - 25)
    Length (µm) 450 (440 - 460)
    Width (µm) 50 (45 - 55)
    Thickness (µm) 2.0 (1.0 - 3.0)
    Shape rectangular
    Material Silicon
    Reflex Coating (nm) none

    Tip Specifications
    Tip radius (nm) 10
    Tip height (µm) 17.5 +/- 2.5
    Front angle (°) -20 +/- 1
    Back angle (°) 35 +/- 1
    Side angle (°) 10 +/- 1
    Tip shape 3-sided
    Tip material Silicon
    Tip coating (nm) none

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    Additional Information

    Tip Radius 10
    Tip Radius 5-10 nm
    Spring Constant 0.2
    Frequency 15
    Compatibility No
    Manufacturer Nanosensors

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