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3D Calibration Reference for X, Y, and Z calibration of scanning mechanisms

10mm x 10mm Si die  , 0.5 mm thick containing two pitch and step-height gratings
Product Name Price Qty
900.237 (Mounted on steel puck)
(In Stock)
900.238 (Mounted on glass slide)
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900.239 (unmounted)
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Asylum Research's CalibratAR 3D calibration reference can be used on many types of microscopes for characterization and/or calibration purposes. This includes but is not limited to scanning probe, atomic force, scanning electron and optical microscopes, as well as stylus and optical profilers. The reference sample design incorporates features in three orthogonal directions for three dimensional characterization.

  • All CalibratAR calibration reference consists of a 10mm x 10mm silicon die that is 0.5mm thick
  • The active area is a 7mm x 7 mm region containing two microfabricated pitch and step height gratings that are concentric to each other.
  • The inner gratingis field of pits of AR logos while the outer grating is a field of square pits
  • The reference sample is coated with a 40 nm platinum layer to protect the sample from damage and to permit use with microscopes requiring conductive samples

  • Available in three configurations

    Model Number Type
    900.237     Mounted on 15mm diameter steel puck
    900.238     Mounted on 3"x 1" glass slide
    900.239     Unmounted
    Calibration Specifications
    Die Size 10mm x 10mm
    Active area size 7mm x 7mm
    Inner active area (AR) size 2mm x 2mm
    Step Height (nm) 200 +/- 4
    Pitch of AR logos(µm) 20 +/- 0.04
    Pitch of square pits (µm) 10 +/- 0.04

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    Additional Information

    Tip Radius No
    Tip Radius No
    Spring Constant No
    Frequency No
    Compatibility No
    Manufacturer Asylum Research

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